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I’ve worked with countless beauty consultants over my 20 years as a TV news anchor, and now I want to share all I learned with YOU! I know what it takes to look polished, professional, and put together. Let’s pick out the right makeup colors and bring out your best features in no time at all.

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Do you need to be on-camera or give a presentation but you don’t know what to say, where to look, or even what to wear? I’ll let you in on my secrets on how to be more engaging, confident and prepared when you’re expected to be in the spotlight!

Hi, I'm Kellie!

After spending two decades on-camera as a news anchor, journalist, and public speaker I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build confidence and communicate effectively!

“First impressions are important. Within the first 8-10 seconds of meeting someone, they will have a solid impression of who you are.”

Beauty and confidence come from within, but some fabulous makeup, wardrobe, and speaking tips have helped me along the way! I can teach you my proven techniques on how to come across confident and prepared so you can put your best foot forward. Whether you want to SHINE in the boardroom, during your presentations, on your Zoom calls, or out in your community with friends- I got you covered!

Look Good, Feel Good!

I’ve helped hundreds of women simplify their makeup routines and bring out their inner glow with Seint! Whether you’re looking for an everyday natural look, a more professional look for the office, or help with covering skin issues like redness, dark circles or sun spots, I’m here to help you SHINE every step of the way! I’ll give you my FREE recommendations on the best colors that work for your specific skin tone- just fill out my color match form and we’ll get started!


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More from the ‘Gram'

It’s Wednesday! That’s means it’s time for Piper’s Picks & she’s getting me GLAMMED up for a night out!!! 👧🏻💗💃

I never know what she’s going to pick out of my SEINT makeup collection but I have to make it work! 😅Once again, she picked great colors!!

Colors shown:
Filly (also as an eyeliner!)
Sangria lip & cheek

👧🏻Each of these shadows are only $14 & last forever!! Comment COLORS & I’ll get you the link!

#mamasmakeup #piperspicks #eyeshadowtutorials #easymakeup #glammakeup #seint #motherdaughterlove

🌟So, you know you’re ready for makeup that matches your skin tone, that doesn’t feel suffocating, and doesn’t look like a mask. Makeup that’s affordable, easy, quick & beautiful.

👉🏻This is my WHY for wearing Seint IID Cream Foundation. The best makeup I’ve ever worn that is customized to ME, without having to go to a store and pay a premium! Plus, everything I need is in ONE palette- foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, liner, brows and powder!)

I’m telling you- after alllll the beauty products I’ve tried as a news anchor, THIS makeup takes the cake. And now, I’m helping hundreds of women feel the same way I do. Are you ready?!? I will be your personal makeup artist at NO COST to you!

❤️Comment MATCH or click the link in my bio for your free color match and I’ll keep you pick out the right colors for your specific skin tone! Questions? Ask away!!!

#seint #colormatch #womenhelpingwomen #easymakeup #maturemakeup #affordablemakeup #onepalettemakeup #travelmakeup #easybeautyroutine #letsdothis!

🌟There are SO MANY illuminators… how do you know which one is good for your skin tone??

I’m in love with cream makeup and cream illuminators, but this powder takes the cake! PHOTOSHOP gives you that lit from within glow with just the smallest amount.

The key is putting it the right places on your face & body…

Double tap if you like this look! ❤️

🌞There are so many ways to use BRONZER & they all warm up your face & give you that youthful glow! 🙌🏻

🌞Bronzer mainly goes where the sun usually hits your face, NOT where you contour!! Contour goes in the shadows & is a cooler shade.

🌞I’m using a cream-based bronzer called Bella. It’s the perfect shade if you have medium skin tone… I can recommend other shades if you’re super light or super dark!

😎Watch how I use bronzer other ways, too! Which one is your favorite?! Comment BRONZE for the link or a shade recommendation!

#sunkissedskin #howtobronze #warmskin #youthfulskin #maturemakeup #creammakeup #easymakeuptips #dontforgettobronze

💄This lipstick lasted 24 hours! No joke, when I woke up the next morning after working with clients and then going out that night, I STILL had lipstick on!

💋(Side note: I was too tired to wash my face before bed and forgot I had it on. I was making coffee in the morning and when I turned around, my guy was like “Did you put lipstick on this morning??” 😂 Umm, no?!? I walked into the bathroom & laughed out loud. Full on lipstick with a robe on & coffee in hand. ☕️ lip🫦)

💄Anyhoo… if you’re looking for lipstick that will last you all day long & won’t dry out your lips… this is it! Pop on a little gloss and you have a whole new look!

Comment LIPS & I’ll send you the link!

#makeupthatlasts #24hourmakeup #lipstickshades #tvhack #tvfavorite #easymakeup

Just realized our last Piper’s Picks got cut off in Reels… you didn’t get to see the end look or hear about Piper’s crush!!! 😂 (P.S. his Mom follows me… anxious to hear what she says!)

When was your first crush??

Happy Wednesday, ladies! You know it’s ON with Piper’s Picks! 👧🏻💕She’s picks lots of sparkly eyeshadows & even reveals a new crush…

Oh boy. Here we go…. (am I the only one with an 8-year old that acts like she’s going on 16?!? 😅)

👧🏻As always, I’m happy to share this beautiful eyeshadow and lip & cheek palette she picked out all on her own. Comment PALETTE & I’ll DM you the link!!

This is an easy, 3-color eyeshadow look for Fall! 🍁
I like to keep things soft and simple using warm pinks…

💗What do you think?
💗Comment PINK & I’ll hook you up with the link to this beautiful eyeshadow!

#easyeyemakeup #easyeyeshadow #fallmakeup #fallmakeuplooks #fallmakeuptutorial #blenditout #softmakeup #maturemakeup #seintartist

These are my all-time favorite powders for OILY skin! 😅
When I worked in TV, these were a MUST for shine control!

✨The key is to only use these in your T-zone. Let the rest of your face show that beautiful glow! It’s also youthful!

✨Translucent powder is best to set your makeup instead of powder with a tint. These are long lasting and keep you nice and matte in just the right places.

Which one is YOUR favorite? Do you have another powder you can’t live without?! Please SHARE!

DM for links! 😍

#bestsettngpowder #makeuptips #maturemakeup #easymakeup #oilyskin #noshinemakeup #seint #nars #lauramercier

What the HECK is brow wax, anyway?!?
Well, ladies, it’s magic…. 🪄🎩🐇✨

🪄If you over-plucked your brows like I did, brow wax helps to fluff them up & keep them in place!
🪄Think of brow wax like hair mouse for your brows! Poof!
🪄Cream contour is stickier & works wonders if you’ve been color matched to the right shade!

What do you use to keep your brows looking full & stay in place?

✨Comment BROWS & I’ll send you the link to this magic wax!

#browwax #eyebrowstutorial #contourforbrows #bestbrows #eyebrowgame #yougotthisgirl

🚨We interrupt Piper’s Picks because of an emergency cat situation!! 🐈👧🏻

Instead of her weekly eyeshadow picks, let’s just say we had to do some color correcting for some red scratches. 😂

Before you judge me putting makeup on my child, we had so much fun and proved how amazing this makeup is when you get color matched. Redness be gone!!! 🙌🏻

Comment CAT if you need help covering up your redness!!!

#piperspicks #catscratchfever #sunnycat #momlife #seint #colorcorrectingmakeup #colormatch #wegotthis #mommakeup #motherdaughterlove

The countdown is ON to Fall! These are my new MUST-HAVES for makeup! I’m loving this new collection by Seint that has so many options!!

Colors used:
🍁Valencia eyeshadow
🍁Tangerine eyeshadow
🍁Bubba eyeshadow
🍁Spiced (cream) eyeshadow
🍁Suede lip liner
🍁Desert Sunset lip & cheek
🍁Sandstone lip & cheek
🍁Rose Gold illuminator

This Tailgate Collection is only available for a limited time & its saves you money! You can also buy each color separate and they all magnetize into your palette! DM me for a link or comment FALL!

Which color is your favorite?!?

These are my new MUST-HAVES for Fall!
Loving this Apple Spice collection by Seint that has so many options!!

Colors used (all by Seint):
🍁 Frenchie lip & cheek
🍁Snowbird eyeshadow
🍁Black Friday liner
🍁Butterscotch eyeshadow
🍁Sapphire eyeshadow
🍁Heat Waves lip & cheek

This collection is only available for a limited time & its saves you money! DM me for a link or comment FALL!

#fallmakeup #easymakeup #limitedcollection #maturemakeup #onepalettemakeup #seint

🛑 feeling overwhelmed with makeup! Let’s make it EASY!

This is my all-in-one compact makeup!

😍Colors are customized to you
😍Creams blend easy
😍Creams bring out your GLOW
😍Application takes no time
😍It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Comment MATCH if you’d like a free customized color match or send me a DM! No more wondering what products to buy and wasting money on bottles of liquid foundation that make you look flat and older! I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you- let’s do this together!

#maturemakeup #creammakeup #easymakeup #onepalettemakeup #customizedmakeup #affordablemakeup #womenhelpingwomen #colormatch

Have you switched out your makeup colors for Fall?!
This collection has every color you need to create so many beautiful looks!

Colors used (all by Seint):
🍁 Pop lip & cheek
🍁Glow Illuminator
🍁Honey Illuminator

The Autumn Sunset collection is for a limited time only & its saves you money! DM me for a link or comment FALL!

Which color is your favorite?!?

It’s Wednesday, that means it’s Piper’s Picks! 👧🏻

My daughter gets to pick out my makeup looks once a week and I don’t get to see them until I record the tutorial. This week, she’s turning it up a notch… 😂

Colors used (all by Seint!):
🎀Astoria contour
🎀Vanilla Dust setting powder
🎀Black Cherry lip & cheek

Comment YES if you’d try some of these colors! Want the link? Let me know!!

#piperspicks #maturemakeup #momanddaughtertime #eyeshadowtutorial #happyplace

Happy almost Fall, y’all! You ready to switch up your makeup & save money?! 🍁

Showing you one of the brand new Fall Collections by Seint called Harvest Moon 🌙

Colors include:
🌙Royal lip & cheek
🌙Gold Digger
🌙Black Friday eyeliner

Comment MOON & I’ll send you the link!! 🍁

#fallmakeuplook #fallyall #limitedcollections #seintartist #cozyforfall #lovethefall #easymakeuptutorials

💥Let’s use every. last. drop. of your makeup!!!

💥Ain’t nobody got money to waste!

💥Watch how I melt down my cream foundation to make it look new again (and use every bit I paid for!) I used to hate it when I threw away a bottle of expensive liquid foundation when it got low… it was sooo expensive!

💥Did I mention these are only $16 a piece??? 🤯

❤️Ready to get color matched to the world’s best and most affordable makeup? Let’s talk! I’ll get you a personalized color match! Just comment MATCH and I got you, girl!

#maturemakeup #seint #linkinbio #affordablemakeup #smartmakeup #bestmakeup #onepalettemakeup #everylastdrop #youarebeautiful #Ilovemakeup #womenhelpingwomen #Imhereforyou #colormatchtime #bestgift #love

🛑 doing this if you’re over 40!! Careful with concealer or it will age you…

✨Make sure your color isn’t too light
✨Use less product
✨Find a good color corrector to cover darkness
✨Only apply concealer to inner & outer corners, then blend together

🙋🏼‍♀️Need help with your colors? Comment MATCH & I’ll help you pick the right shades for your specific skin tone! My free color match is also in my link in bio!

#matureskin #maturemakeup #youthfulglow #creammakeup #custimizedmakeup #affordablemakeup #yougotthis #seint #seintbeauty

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