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I’ve worked with countless beauty consultants over my 20 years as a TV news anchor, and now I want to share all I learned with YOU! I know what it takes to look polished, professional, and put together. Let’s pick out the right makeup colors and bring out your best features in no time at all.

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Do you need to be on-camera or give a presentation but you don’t know what to say, where to look, or even what to wear? I’ll let you in on my secrets on how to be more engaging, confident and prepared when you’re expected to be in the spotlight!

Hi, I'm Kellie!

After spending two decades on-camera as a news anchor, journalist, and public speaker I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build confidence and communicate effectively!

“First impressions are important. Within the first 8-10 seconds of meeting someone, they will have a solid impression of who you are.”

Beauty and confidence come from within, but some fabulous makeup, wardrobe, and speaking tips have helped me along the way! I can teach you my proven techniques on how to come across confident and prepared so you can put your best foot forward. Whether you want to SHINE in the boardroom, during your presentations, on your Zoom calls, or out in your community with friends- I got you covered!

Look Good, Feel Good!

I’ve helped hundreds of women simplify their makeup routines and bring out their inner glow with Seint! Whether you’re looking for an everyday natural look, a more professional look for the office, or help with covering skin issues like redness, dark circles or sun spots, I’m here to help you SHINE every step of the way! I’ll give you my FREE recommendations on the best colors that work for your specific skin tone- just fill out my color match form and we’ll get started!


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  4. Make sure your face is not shadowed or blown out

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If you love Seint beauty products, helping women feel beautiful, and the freedom of earning extra income on your own terms, becoming a Seint artist might be the perfect fit for you!

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More from the ‘Gram'

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who’s always up for fun! I hope you’re enjoying your day with your mom (who’s 92!!). Wish we could all be together but I’m sending much love to Colorado!

Wishing all of you sweet Moms a wonderful day and I hope you recognize how amazing you are! 💕

✨My every day 5-minute makeup, start to finish!✨

🙌🏻What do you think? You ready to try it?!?

❤️Fill out my free color match to get the right colors for your specific skin tone! Link in bio! 🔗 or

#easymakeup #fastmakeup #creammakeup #magicmakeup #maturemakeup #rednessgone #darkcirclesgone #evenskintone #letmehelpyou

My Quick, Easy Eye Shadow Look! 👀

Colors used (all by Seint!):
Angels Landing

✨These are my go-to colors for the office! Anyone can do this!

✨Do you need help with your eye shadow? I’m here for you!! Reach out below or DM me & I’m happy to help!

#easyeyeshadow #easyeyemakeup #onepalettemakeup #brownsandtans #seintmakeup #yougotthisgirl

🚨Breaking (Makeup) News!🚨
My new SHINE newsletter is out with a big announcement!

✨If you’d like to be the first to get updates on makeup, new products, events, my favorite things, deals I’ve found, how to SHINE and much more… head to my website to sign up!

✨Link is at the bottom of the page and in my bio!

✨PART 5- My Favorite Makeup Brushes!

✨This is my final video in my favorite Seint products series, and these brushes are HANDS DOWN the best quality I’ve ever used… and at great price point!

✨Seint’s brushes are all double-ended, easy to clean, the bristles are such high quality and they feel so soft on your face. If you use cream foundation, these are a MUST! I’m showing you how I use each one.

💖Need help with your makeup? Comment below or send me a DM! Let’s bring dimension and glow back to your skin with creams!

#seintbrushes #longlastingmakeup #easymakeup #travelmakeup #creamfoundation #bronzer #contour #lipandcheek #illuminator #pressedpowder #seint

✨PART 4- Brush Cleaner!

✨I’m continuing my series on my favorite Seint products and if you’ve never tried this brush cleaner, prepared to be mind blown! 🤯

✨ I always just used warm water and soap to clean my brushes BUT I would have to plan way ahead of time so they could dry overnight.

✨Ain’t nobody got time for that!

✨ The first time I used this brush cleaner I was amazed. Not only does it take all of the makeup right out of the brush onto a paper towel or cloth, but it sanitizes them, and dries them so they are ready to use immediately! This has come in so handy when I’m doing a makeup party or helping multiple women with their makeup!

✨Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important! You have got to clean off all of the bacteria and oils from your face! Do not keep dipping into the makeup and spreading all of that bacteria back into your pores. Watch how quickly this works!

💖Need help with your makeup? I’m always here for you! Reach out & we’ll get started!

#cleanmakeup #longlastingmakeup #easymakeup #travelmakeup #creamfoundation #bronzer #contour #lipandcheek #illuminator #pressedpowder #seint

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